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Even with today’s high home prices and high mortgage rates, many people are still willing to move — largely because of major life events such as marriages, births, retirements, and so on.
Mortgage rates have been going up since last year. In the October Market Intelligence webinar, Ali Wolf, Zonda’s Chief Economist, says this is because of Federal Reserve rate increases, inflation, and dysfunction in the mortgage-backed securities market.

For builders of new homes, the pressure to cut costs has many looking at millwork – such as doors, windows and moulding – as a potential area to save; however, those details can also help motivate buyers to purchase smaller homes.

Mortgage interest rates are over 7% after being between 6-7% for about a year. Monthly payments have increased 50% to 70% just since the beginning of last year. As Ali Wolf, Zonda’s Chief Economist, put it in the August Market Intelligence webinar, “This is a very clear and very dramatic affordability shock.”
Despite many signs of optimism in the housing market, there are still challenges for builders to deal with. Being aware of those challenges and developing a strategy to overcome them is a key component of a business’s success.
While the market appears to be improving and affordability is getting better as well, they're still significant challenges. We'll examine affordability and supply more broadly and then show you strategies that might be valuable to builders going forward.
In the April Market Intelligence Webinar, Zonda Chief Economist Ali Wolf discussed the latest economic numbers related to the housing market, and why there is optimism among her team for the future of the industry, particularly in certain regions of the country.
Every March, we are proud to celebrate Women’s History Month to honor women’s contributions to history, culture and society – as well as spotlight the many talented women who help shape who we are at Builders FirstSource.
February is Black History Month, a time to recognize the many contributions of Black Americans whose groundbreaking accomplishments in construction and design have helped shape our industry.
The four-day event established itself as an industry-leading tradeshow, complete with expert-led education sessions, next-level exhibits, and world-class entertainment.
Remodeling trends are known to come and go as different times call for different projects. Who thought so many people would want a home office before 2020? As we get into 2023, we’re noticing a few remodeling trends taking hold.
Matt Risinger and his team recently built a house in the Austin, Texas area using Builders FirstSource’s READY-FRAME® technology, and it was featured on an episode of The Build Show.