Matt Risinger is a nationally recognized expert in building science and high-performance construction, gaining fame as host of The Build Show on YouTube. Matt regularly works with Builders FirstSource on all sorts of projects, including building houses with our READY-FRAME® system, taking advantage of our BFS Digital Tools, and even appearing at our live events.

Matt started learning about construction by working summers at an inner-city ministry that fixed up row houses for elderly people. After graduating from college, the national mold crisis in 2002 inspired him to become fluent in Building Science. In 2005, Matt relocated to Austin where he founded Risinger & Company, and has since become a leader in the industry.


Follow along with Matt as he builds a new, state-of-the-art, high-performance home using BFS Digital Tools and building science principles in this 24-episode BUILD original series.
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Rebuilding After Fires in Colorado
Matt travels to Superior, Colorado to meet a couple of builders to demonstrate how they are building to resist forest fires and other harsh environment conditions.
Pre-Cut Framing Package
Matt visits a jobsite that just received their READY-FRAME® framing package and learns about its advantages from seeing the builders use it.
Using BFS Digital Tools
Matt meets with a future homeowner as well as a BFS expert and learns about Render, one of the valuable BFS Digital Tools, and how it helps builders and clients visualize their project.
Framing Faster with No Waste
Matt is on location at a build site in Austin and shows us how READY-FRAME® pre-cut framing packages make building better, faster, safer, and greener.
Window Shopping
Matt and Carlos Garcia, LA Market Window and Door Manager, take a look at window and door displays at the Builders FirstSource Mar Vista showroom. They share what to look for in windows and how to help choose your client's next door or window.
Steel Joists and More
Matt attends the 2023 BFS National Event and shares his experiences from the trade show floor, including what to know about steel joists. He also shows the latest innovations in residential construction showcased at the event.
Pivot Door Installation
Installing a pivot door is easier than you think. Matt goes to a showroom and shares what builders should know before installing the doors.


Builders FirstSource is proud to partner with The Build Show to present Build Science™ 101. This series will sharpen your foundational knowledge, introduce game-changing concepts, and perhaps even challenge a few beliefs. Be prepared for a transformative journey through the art and science of building. Build Science™ will teach you techniques to improve indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency, and overall occupant health and comfort.
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