Follow along with Matt Risinger as he completes his newest project in this 24-episode BUILD Original Series. Matt is building a new state-of-the-art, high-performance home using BFS Digital Tools and building science principles – providing a blueprint for contractors and builders.


In this episode, Matt and team are installing windows from Pella’s Reserve collection and Impervia series. Learn best practices for durability and efficiency with the Reserve’s wood windows and aluminum cladding, and how the Impervia’s all-fiberglass design works for high-humidity areas. Watch them prep the openings with ZIP System sheathing and stretch tape - and use Steady Set brackets for a seamless fit.
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Episode 1 – Preconstruction Planning
Matt begins this series by focusing on the importance of preconstruction planning. He and architect Steve Baczek discuss site considerations such as what to do with the existing slab foundation, landscape issues including how to accommodate Austin's tree protection regulations, optimizing floor plans and addressing plumbing concerns.
Episode 2 – Deep Dive on Digital Tools
In this episode, Matt and The Risinger Build team meet with Justin Pratt, manager of key accounts at Paradigm, to to show the benefits of using Builders FirstSource Digital Tools during the planning stages of the home’s construction. They go over the floorplan and highlight the home's unique features and challenges while discussing the best way to address them.
Episode 3 – Under Slab Plumbing & Electrical Plan
Construction is underway! The team is on the jobsite and focusing on underground plumbing and electrical work. They discuss plans for laying out water and sewer lines, ensuring proper angles and connections to avoid water damage and meet code requirements.
Episode 4 – Existing Slab Retrofit & New Foundation
The project is in the midst of the foundation phase. The concrete expert has taken charge with fresh rebar installations and vapor barriers. The site is inspected before pouring the slab and different strategies for slabs are discussed.
Episode 5 Part 1 - Exterior Framing with READY-FRAME®

Matt's team begins framing the house in this episode, and he showcases how BFS's READY-FRAME® system streamlines framing with pre-cut, labeled lumber packages.

He also demonstrates how our digital homebuilding platform uses 3D modeling to identify and solve MEP clashes before construction even begins. See how these innovations save time, reduce waste, and lead to a smoother building process!

Episode 5 Part 2 - Exterior Framing with READY-FRAME®

Picking up where we left off in Part 1, we’ll now be focusing on decking and framing, aiming to complete the second-floor walls. With the READY-FRAME® system, this is easily achieved.

Throughout the episode, we’ll talk with Bill Madera of Madera framing, Tim Uhler, and Steve Baczek to get their thoughts on the READY-FRAME® system. We’ll also inspect some of the finer details of framing with supports and getting ready for sheathing and insulating.

Episode 6 - Exterior Sheathing & WRB Installation with Rain Screen
This episode of "The Risinger Build" dives deep into exterior sheathing. Learn how ZIP System® panels act as a water & air barrier, boosting home strength & energy efficiency. Expert Tim Uhler discusses advanced framing and its benefits. Watch for sealing techniques to help build a tighter, more durable home.


You can order the same plans Matt used for this house through our Home Plan Library on You can also contact your local store or sales rep to purchase the materials needed for this project.

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By utilizing the advanced technology available from Builders FirstSource's Digital Tools to build this state-of-the-art home, Risinger is demonstrating the real objective benefits available to help builders complete their projects, including:

  • Shortening design time by identifying and eliminating risks and construction conflicts
  • Seamlessly connecting the design, sales, procurement and construction processes
  • Holding greater control over material costs while reducing change orders and delays
One of the main purposes of Building Science is to provide the predictive capability to design and optimize non-structural building performance for existing and new buildings. Matt and friends will teach you techniques to improve indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency, and overall occupant health and comfort.
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Matt Risinger and his team recently built a house in the Austin, Texas area using Builders FirstSource’s READY-FRAME® technology, and it was featured on an episode of The Build Show.
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