Take 2 seconds to think about the windows in your house, your neighbor’s house, and maybe your in-laws’ house for good measure. We’re willing to bet that all the window frames are white. Of course there’s nothing wrong with white, but the design world is all abuzz about black these days. Why? Quite a few reasons, actually. Contrary to popular belief, black windows aren’t hard to pull off. And black windows are on-trend at the moment, but they’re unlikely to age quickly or poorly. Has the little black dress or the plain black tie ever gone out of style? Of course not! Black is timeless, elegant, and goes with everything.

Black windows pair beautifully with the sleek, minimalist look of cutting-edge contemporary design. They provide high contrast to the white-on-white interior trend and eliminate any need for window treatments or shutters – black window frames show themselves off!
Black windows are especially popular in modern construction, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hold their own with more rugged aesthetics. These windows bear a resemblance to wrought iron, which fits right in with farmhouse, log cabin, and Craftsman-inspired homes.
Black goes with everything (except navy blue). This is true in both the fashion and the home design world. Black windows give homes with traditional styling an edgy, chic accent that can be seen from the curb.
Most designers don’t recommend wood for the black window treatment, preferring the more polished look of synthetic or metal materials. Wood is also quite vulnerable to the elements, and may not be equipped to handle the added heat retention that comes with the color black. However, many manufacturers offer windows with prefinished wood interiors and matched exteriors with vinyl or aluminum cladding.
Vinyl is a perennial favorite for its energy efficiency and low maintenance. They’re also easier on the wallet than metal options, while offering a similarly sleek look. Vinyl windows are colored to the core, meaning any scratches or chips will be virtually invisible. Vinyl can’t be painted, so you may have to shop around for a manufacturer that offers the exact shade of black you’re after.
Aluminum is a budget-friendly option for new construction and renovations alike. Aluminum is stronger but also thinner than vinyl, so it’s a great choice when you want a subtler look or when working with contemporary architecture. Most manufacturers that provide aluminum windows offer black as a color option.
If the budget allows for it and the architecture begs for it, there’s no beating blackened steel windows. The strength of steel allows for larger panes of glass and slim mullions, both features consistent with fashion-forward modern design. Black steel windows are a perfect match for trendy industrial chic styles.

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