To all of the incredible women in this industry, we raise our hardhats to you!  

We are very proud to include thousands of talented women among our team members as tradeswomen, builders, contractors, educators, architects and more. For Women in Construction Week this year, we asked for nominations nationwide to highlight some of the best women on our team. We received hundreds of nominations, so it was very difficult to select only a few, but here are some of the amazing women team members you may get the opportunity to work with at Builders FirstSource.


Assistant General Manager Millwork
Anchorage, AK

Amy has over 20 years of experience in the building industry, and has worked her way from being a cashier in high school to her current role as an Assistant General Manager. 

She has been a leader for her family-oriented team during the industry's recent struggles with supply chain issues and recruiting team members, helping to navigate these times by leading through example and developing consistency.

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Inside Sales Manager
Oklahoma City, OK

Emily came to Builders FirstSource on the recommendation of her father, who's been in the building industry over 26 years. She started out in lumber and that experience has been a tremendous asset to her when selling doors and trims.

She recognizes that a home is one of the most important purchases people make in their life, and takes that responsibility seriously, so she brings her experience from previous positions into her role to ensure the best service for customers. Her postive attitude helps build lasting friendships, which is one of the most rewarding parts of the job for her.

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Lumber Inside Sales
Longmont, CO

Hannah has been a team member for eight years. Her background is in early childhood education, but wanted to try new things and the Builders FirstSource family has become a huge part of her life. She's expanded her network and is "proud to be part of something bigger than myself."

Hannah also takes pride in doing her part to build homes because we're helping grow at the community level, which leads to growth at the state and national levels. She has also worked hard to overcome any stereotypes that might come with being a woman in the building industry, and her postivie attitude and strong work ethic play a big part in that.

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Inside Sales
McCall, ID

Nerida has been a team member since 2005. She's bought and flipped houses, so she has plenty of first-hand knowledge when it comes to remodeling.

Working with Builders FirstSource, Nerida was able to take advantage of knowing about new products and services to help builders. Knowing what's new has helped ensure they receive the best products and services available. In fact, she thinks customers and fellow team members are the best part of her job.

Nerida recommends more women get into the building industry, and she says Builders FirstSource doesn't make you feel like a minority. "It's really fun to come in and blaze a trail!"


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Purchasing Manager
Coppell, TX

Tina has been with Builders FirstSource for over 20 years, but has been around the building industry since she was helping her father with electrical work on new houses when she was younger. 

In her position, one of the most important things she does is establish good relationships with vendors. This ensures she finds the best materials at the best costs, and sometimes they'll hold materials for her because they know she'll need them. This helped during the pandemic because she knew how to get what was needed amdist the supply chain challenges. 

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