Molded composite doors are one of the most popular choices for interior doors, and it’s easy to see why. These doors mimic the look of classic wood at a much more budget-friendly price, while also providing superior durability and a broader range of design options. In new construction, their versatile design and ease of installation is prized. In renovation projects, replacing an outdated or dinged-up door is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to refresh the look of a room. Ask not what you can do for your door…




Molded panel doors are highly versatile; there aren’t many scenarios where a given door will clash with the architecture it’s surrounded by. But why waste an opportunity? Molded panel doors are available in a myriad of profiles and styles, you’re sure to find one that will complement and enhance the unique architecture you’re working with.

If you’re hoping to add some Old World charm to a home with traditional décor, look for graceful arched tops and dramatic raised panels.
Doors with v-groove detailing or Shaker-inspired design bring an authentically rustic feel to farmhouse, southwest, and Ranch-style homes.
Designing for a more modern space? Simple designs with flat panels or sleek embossed lines fit right in with cutting edge contemporary architecture.
When you need to hit the sweet spot in the middle of that quintessentially American transitional style, it’s hard to go wrong with square-top panels in no-nonsense, geometric configurations.
  • Smooth surface
  • Cove & bead sticking
  • Arch, eyebrow, or camber top panels
  • Plank-style panels
  • V-groove detail
  • Wood grain texture
  • Minimalist
  • Embossed lines
  • Flat panels and sticking
  • Smooth or wood grain surface
  • Ovolo sticking
  • Square top


    We’re big fans of the accent wall, but it’s not right for every room (or every wall). A molded panel door is an excellent option for adding a splash of color. Molded panel doors are sold in a primed, ready-to-paint state, and some manufacturers offer a rainbow of pre-finished options.

    A neutral tone that coordinates with the surrounding décor makes a statement and creates visual harmony.
    Doors dressed up in colors like canary yellow or robin’s egg blue adds cheerful energy to any room.
    Sophisticated shades like wine red and deep brown brings a luxurious touch to wood grain doors.


    In addition to all the style options they open up, molded panel doors are engineered to meet a variety of practical building challenges.

    Lightweight and easy to handle, molded doors are a breeze to install and operate in sliding or pocket applications. They’re a particularly popular choice for sliding barn doors. Sliding, pocket, and barn doors are great for joining or separating living areas at will. Barn doors are also a creative solution for obscuring storage and utility areas when not in use.
    Molded panel doors are typically available with either a hollow or solid core, and both options have their benefits. Hollow core doors are the lightest of all interior doors and easy on the wallet. They’re great for light-duty applications where privacy isn’t a concern, such as pantries and closets. In contrast, solid core doors are more expensive, but offer superior durability and sound-deadening properties. Solid cores are recommended for all bed and bath applications. Most molded panel doors are available with fire-rated solid cores, providing homeowners with peace of mind – and peace and quiet.
    No trees were harmed in the making of this door! Most molded panel doors are crafted from recycled wood materials, or wood materials that were rejected for other uses. Eco-friendly doors can help contribute to a home’s LEED score.

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