With outdoor living becoming more and more important to home buyers, indoor-outdoor living designs are on the rise. A popular trend to emerge in recent years is a pass-through window connecting a deck, patio, pool, or porch to the inside of the home. Whether you’re adding a pass-through window in order to enjoy an al fresco aperitif or for easier access to appetizers in the kitchen, we’re big fans of bringing the outdoors in. Here are a few reasons why we think a pass-through window is a great idea for any new construction or remodel project.

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If your outdoor area lacks space, adding a kitchen pass-through window can help in numerous ways. Add a bar top outside of the window for a fun outdoor entertaining area that doesn’t take up a lot of square footage. An indoor/outdoor bar top is a great spot for kids to enjoy as well! Since an open window generally takes up less space than an open door, pass-through windows will lend access to the outside without taking up as much room as a wide door swing.


Unlike a bulky exterior door, a pass-through window won’t block passageways or egress. You can easily pass food and drinks to those outside via the window instead of clogging up a doorway. When entertaining, entry points tend to bottleneck (especially when hungry guests are heading towards the kitchen!). Easily pass snacks and drinks through the handy pass-through window when friends are over for better flow.

Kitchen Pass-Through Window Image


If the exterior door is far away from the outdoor living area, adding a pass-through window can be a great way to connect the indoors to the outdoors. When grilling, instead of carrying heavy trays halfway around the house, adding a pass-through window can create an access point to efficiently pass items in and out of the kitchen.


Compared to other options, adding a pass-through window is pretty affordable, especially if you already have a window in place. Swapping out a traditional single hung window for a sliding window, folding window, or casement window will completely open up the outdoors into your living area.

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