While a freshly renovated interior definitely entices potential home buyers to purchase your newly constructed or remodeled house, if the outside looks neglected, people may assume that the inside is as well before they even walk through the front door. A buyer’s first introduction to a home is often a thumbnail photo on a real estate website. If the exterior of the house is not appealing or eye-catching, chances are the potential buyer will keep on scrolling through the listings. Sprucing up the outside usually comes last once all of the construction dust has settled, but if not addressed before the house hits the market, it can be a deal breaker for future homeowners. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to give a house a facelift. In fact, inexpensive updates like paint, greenery, and décor go a long way. Here are a few ideas on how to showcase the exterior of your home.


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Paint the front door a refreshing color like red, aqua, Kelly green, or navy to catch buyers’ attention. A pop of color will stand out on the listing page next to the competitor’s boring house with a generic white door. Or if the home is located in a historic area, install a beautiful stainable door. This adds a sense of grandeur, charm, and coziness to a home.


Flank the front entrance with stately planters and fill them up with cheerful flowers or topiaries to make the house look welcoming. Hanging baskets and window boxes are also a great way to dress up a home. Just be sure not to forget to water your new greenery while it is on the market! Dead plants do not attract buyers.


Shutters are like mascara for windows: they define, create depth, and add a little glamour to the front of a house. Since they come in so many different styles, shutters are also a great way to highlight a house’s architectural style. Raised panel shutters look distinguished on a handsome traditional home while board and batten shutters add old world charm to a cottage or restored farmhouse.


Obviously, a lush green lawn adds so much to the overall curb appeal. Mowing, de-weeding, edging, mulching, and pruning go a long way. Crisp lines in the landscaping make a home look polished and well-maintained. If the yard is nothing but weeds and bald spots, it may be worth it to sod or add additional landscaping to really amp up the exterior appearance.


Don’t underestimate little details like house numbers, porch lights, door hardware, the doorbell, and the mailbox. These features are small, but collectively enhance the general appearance of a home.


If the home is new construction, then everything should be freshly painted. If the home is older and recently renovated, make sure there is not chipped or faded paint. While professionals know this is a pretty quick fix, less handy buyers might be put off by even easy DIY projects.


Staging is a great tool to help potential buyers envision the layout for a space, but make sure you don’t forget to decorate the outdoor areas. Indoor/outdoor living is a very desirable feature in a home, so make sure people can see themselves sitting in rocking chairs on that fabulous wrap around porch. If there is an amazing stone patio in the backyard, create a comfy seating area complete with a fire pit where buyers could picture entertaining their friends. Outdoor pillows, lounge chairs, a porch swing, or small bistro set visually transform a house into a home.

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but this is exactly what potential buyers do when viewing the exterior of a house. If the outside looks like it has been well taken care of, buyers are more likely to assume the inside has been too.

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