An interior door doesn’t have to be a statement piece to serve its purpose, but when a standard door just won’t cut it, it could be time to check out back in the barn – the barn doors, to be precise. Sliding barn doors are a wildly popular home feature not only for their cutting-edge style but also for the myriad design options they open up. They’re a perfect match for the current shiplap craze as well! According to Zillow, homes that mention “barn door” in their listing description sell for 13.4 percent more on average than their expected value and 57 days faster than their expected sell time. Builders FirstSource partners with suppliers all over the country to offer a wide array of barn doors and mounting hardware that will add just the right amount of practical flair to your new construction or renovation project. Let’s look below at a few ways to use barn doors in your next project.



True to their name, this style of sliding door is designed to mimic the look and function of traditional barn doors. They fit right in with farmhouse and lodge-style homes. To maximize the rustic charm of a barn door, look for genuine wood or plank-style slabs. Select hardware in oil-rubbed bronze, matte black, or other antiqued finishes to drive home the vintage look. You can read more about selecting hardware finishes here.

While they’re often featured in homes with rustic décor, a barn door crafted from reclaimed wood makes for a stunning statement piece in homes featuring transitional or contemporary architecture. The eye-catching contrast enhances the visual interest of an entire room and plants a memorable detail in a potential buyer’s mind.

If you or your customer are seeking the function and style of a barn door but desire a more modern look, fear not! Molded composite slabs with a smooth finish and clean lines create a fashion-forward look that’s perfect for homes featuring contemporary design. When selecting hardware, stainless steel and satin nickel finishes with sleek profiles enhance the stylish aesthetic. Painting the slab the same color as the walls allows light and shadow to do all the work of showing off the barn door, yielding a subtle yet striking doorway.



Unlike traditional swinging doors, barn doors only require enough clearance for the door to slide along its track. A barn door is ideal for small rooms or narrow hallways where usable floor space is at a premium.


Barn doors bring versatility to multifunctional spaces, allowing residents to close off or join living areas at will. They create the option for privacy in work or study areas without compromising the fluidity of an open floor plan. Barn doors with glass panels are especially well-suited to this application.


Barn doors offer a stylish and subtle solution for concealing storage spaces, laundry rooms, pantries, and other utility areas. Barn doors in master bathrooms are especially popular, either at the doorway between the bed and bath areas, or to close off the restroom area from the rest of the bathroom.


As popular and versatile as they are, barn doors are not right for every situation. Before you run off to the nearest stable in hot pursuit of this design trend, there are a couple important factors to consider.


First and foremost is the load capacity needed to safely mount your sliding barn door. Nearly all modern homes are built with robust framing, but if you’re remodeling an older home or addition it’s important to ensure you’ll be working with a sturdy header before you start drilling. Most barn door hardware sets are designed to easily support the weight of standard door slabs, but it’s always a good idea to double-check, especially if you've opted for a solid wood or fiberglass barn door.


Barn doors completely cover the doorway to which they are mounted, but do not “seal” the opening the way a traditional door does. They are also not designed to lock, although they can be modified with a simple latch if desired. These are attractive features to some, such as families with young children (kids can’t seal themselves in their bedrooms) and those who want the option of partitioning an open living area. However, a barn door may not be ideal for adults who want more privacy in their bed or bath areas.

Horses sufficiently held? Good – now let them loose and contact Builders FirstSource about custom barn door options! Happy building!

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