March 6, 2024

March is Women’s History Month, and a special part of that we like to acknowledge is Women in Construction Week, which is celebrating its 26th year from March 3rd through the 9th.

Builders FirstSource is proud to put the spotlight on the women of our team, who make vital contributions to our company every day in our lumberyards, corporate offices, delivery trucks and everywhere in between. Several of our team members were named to HBSDealer’s Top Women in Hardware & Building last year, and more will be nominated this year.

Here are just a few of the many women who help make Builders FirstSource a success:


Inside Sales Representative - Oklahoma City, OK

Carly Sparks has been with BFS for over 3 years, but grew up around construction because it was her father’s profession. She watched him throughout his career and joined him on some remodeling jobs when she was younger, and was excited when the opportunity to join BFS presented itself.

In her current position, she says the most fun part is learning new ways of interior design and she enjoys the challenge of helping her customers find what they need. She encourages women to join her in the construction industry, noting that she’s been welcomed with open arms and is able to reach for the stars.

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SR Director HR Program Management - Raleigh, NC

Odessa Nelson’s first job was as a cashier at a local hardware store, so she’s been tied to the construction industry for a long time. She’s enjoyed looking at house plans since high school. She started her career at BFS 23 years ago as a temporary admin assistant and grew with the company from there.

In her current role, Nelson works regularly with the mergers and acquisitions team, helping new team members learn about the company. She recommends women look at our First Team MVPs for career tips since many of the "rock star" women on our team win those awards.

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Office Administration Manager - Anchorage, AK

Starting her BFS career as an inside sales rep six years ago, Erika Deveny is now the office administration manager for Spenard Building Supply in Anchorage. She oversees several aspects of her location’s business, from customer service to ensuring invoices are paid on time.

Her responsibilities vary day by day. She looks forward to growing with the company and loves getting to know customers and providing great customer service. She also loves working with amazing people and recommends women put themselves out there because the opportunity is here.

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HR Manager - Central Pacific Region

After starting her career with BFS 25 years ago as a receptionist, Cindy Rubio worked in several departments before landing her current role as an HR Manager. She found that HR is a great fit for her because of the fulfilling connections she feels with different people every day.

Rubio said people thrive when they feel heard and valued. She encourages women considering a career in construction to remember that their unique skills and experiences are valuable. Have an open mind and try, fail, and try again.

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Inside Sales Representative - Ailey, GA

Donna Carlier has been with BFS since 2014, when she started with a job in HR. She has peformed several roles over the years and she now serves as an Inside Sales Representative.

Carlier says no day is the same and each day brings new perspective, change and new rewards. Each day brings new perspective, new change, and new reward. Her favorite part of her job is her team because people have been so willing to share their experience and knowledge. She encourages other women to “open the doors and come on in”.

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General Contractor - Dailey Construction

We’re also excited to share the story of Stephanie Dailey, an influencer in the building community. At age 16, Dailey started her career at an architecture firm, followed by work in production, marketing and real estate. In 2017, she decided to join her father in becoming a general contractor.

Dailey says that every day is different for her. She may be on a job site or at the office. She recommends women jump in to the industry. It might be helpful to have a thick skin, but you’ll be welcomed with open arms and "in the end, it will pay off."

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Assistant General Manager - Vidalia, GA

As a 28-year veteran of BFS, Jennifer has held quite a few positions with the company, including sales, administration, millwork and multi-family and served in several leadership roles. When asked about her longevity, she praises her team members and the opportunities available in our company for those willing to pursue and work for them.

Why have you stayed for 28 years (and counting)?

BFS has been my home for more than half of my life. For me, it is all about the people and the excitement of this business. Not only have I worked side-by-side to real-life industry legends, but there is never a dull moment. Every day brings a chance for growth and good "ole-fashioned" life lessons. There is no place I'd rather work.

What has allowed you to grow your career?

Someone once told me that to accomplish what you want in life, you have to take action and go for it. You can't sit back and expect success to fall into your lap. I've heeded that advice, worked hard and allowed myself to be curious and open to learning.

Why is Women’s History important to you?

The women that came before me paved the way for me to have a successful career in the industry that I love. Females used to be unicorns around here and many people were uncomfortable working with them. Those tough ladies put in the hours to learn the business, staying true to themselves and the career their hearts longed for and breaking down barriers along the way. Women rock!

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