February 13, 2024

Black History Month presents an opportunity to share stories about Black Americans and their contributions to American history. At Builders FirstSource, we like to showcase their contributions to our industry and also celebrate the impact our Black team members have on our organization.


In the world of architecture, Paul Revere Williams (1894-1980) was a true trailblazer. Not only was he the first Black member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), but he earned the moniker "Architect to the Stars" for crafting glamorous homes for celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, Lucille Ball and many more.

Paul Revere Williams' portfolio boasts over 3,000 buildings, and his estates were known for incorporating a variety of themes, including Spanish Revival, Mediterranean and English Tudor. He also designed the original star-shaped building of the St. Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis, which he completed as a pro bono project.

He renovated the Beverly Wilshire Hotel (pictured) in the 1940s–creating the iconic building associated with unparalleled luxury. Today, his legacy lives on through his creations, many of which have earned spots on the National Register. In 2017, the AIA honored him with the gold medal, their highest accolade.

For more, we recommend The Paul Revere Williams Project.


Our industry has greatly benefited from the many contributions of Black Americans. Each February, we especially want to elevate the voices of those Black Americans at BFS who have shaped – and continue to shape – our company. Below is one such voice from the thousands of Black professionals who comprise our team.

Meet Kevin, General Manager for Coppell, TX Millwork and 24-year team member.
"Embracing the history and traditions that make each of us who we are is how we learn to fully respect each other. That inclusive culture brings us together and differentiates us as a company. It's why I chose to build my career at BFS."

What has allowed you to grow within the company?
"I've taken advantage of the opportunities for advancement in this organization. If you are committed to the company's success and work hard, doors will open for you as they have for me."

Why is Black History important to you?
"It gives us an opportunity to share our heritage with others. Like everyone else, we are proud of our contributions. We want you to know about our traditions, and our struggles, so we can build a better future." We can celebrate our past, express gratitude for our present and share hope for our future. Recognize those that came before us and what they had to overcome. Then, we can stand hand in hand and move forward as equals."

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