First Team MVP: Yolette Mccoy


Office Administrator Manager - Chesapeake, VA Yard

October 20, 2023

“Although I've only been with the company a short time, I've seen Yolette not only as the store's 'MOM' for over 14 years, but a totally dedicated team member. She is always on the lookout for safety concerns, such as dangers in the building and any safety concerns outside, making sure everyone has on the correct vests or safety shirts worn on outside. She's always one of the first in and the last out. Being a fairly new team member myself, I've had a million questions along with a few others and she doesn't hesitate to stop and help out with anything. It's such a nice change of pace with her positive attitude and outgoing personality.”

– Steve Roach, Operations Manager

“When I joined BFS a year and a half ago, Yolette was one of the first people to welcome me in as if I were part of the family. Over that time, I have learned that Yolette truly embodies the SPICE mission, vision, and values of BFS. She is not only my 'go to' for help, but she is a wealth of knowledge for the entire facility. She is willing to help anyone, anywhere and at any time. Her genuine care for the team members and their safety as well as our customers makes her a Chesapeake BFS MVP!”

– Jim Evans, General Manager

“I have worked with Yolette for 14 years, and the minute she walked through the doors you felt like you had known her forever. She is one of the most dedicated team members I have ever met, not only to her job and the company but to all the team members. She is not afraid to lend a hand in any department and always willing and ready to learn something new. She has been a great mentor not only to me but to all team members. She is considered the 'Mom' at the branch and is always willing to listen and help anyone through any problems they are having whether it is business related or personal. I look forward to many more great years working side by side with her.”

– Lori Brown, Office Administrator