First Team MVP: Tyler Espinosa


Retail Associate - Garden Center in Santa Cruz, CA

February 22, 2024

“Tyler is often asked for by name from our customers and regular contractors/landscapers because of his excellent customer service. He is punctual, works OT when needed and is praised by his coworkers for his ability to be cohesive in any project. He is an invaluable part of our team and really is the example of customer service and comradery amongst team members that we strive for.”

– Joel Bright, Retail Store Supervisor

“Working alongside Tyler for the past decade has been both my privilege as well as an absolute joy. His ability to consistently extend kindness, professionalism, and a wealth of helpful information has been an inspiration to myself, the rest of our team, and our community. He has always been an asset to safety and has taken the initiative this year to join our safety committee. Tyler is a model for positive productive workplace culture and is without question deserving of MVP recognition.”

– David Crommett, Retail Supervisor

“In his 12+ years with us at the Garden Center, Tyler has proven day after day what an asset he is to our organization and our team. He is unfailingly attentive to our customers’ needs and regularly goes above and beyond for them. As a coworker, Tyler is a gregarious, consistent team player who people enjoy working alongside, and over time his knowledge has grown to the point where he’s become a go-to resource for questions. A self-motivated hard worker, he’s intuitively able to formulate an agenda each day by looking at the big picture, seeing what needs to be done, and then prioritizing his tasks accordingly.”

– Nathalie Allen-Chatelain, Assistant Manager