First Team MVP: Sacha Robles


Cashier | Inside Sales - Homer, AK - Yard Northwest Region

August 10, 2022

“Sacha is our lead cashier and trainer. She has trained five new cashiers in the last year. She does her job with pride and excellence. Sacha always has a smile on her face and a kind word for our customers. She will help them find whatever they need and will make sure that if she can't answer their questions, she finds someone that can. Sasha constantly practices safety and points out unsafe conditions when she sees them. She has always been dedicated to the company. From long drives to and from work and bad weather, she always is there on time. When we stopped having Christmas trees last year, Sacha had her husband cut a tree down by their house and brought it into the store and set it up because we could not go through the holiday season without one.”

– Louis Marion, Retail Sales Supervisor

“Sacha is a joy to work with every day. She constantly walks around with a big smile and pleasant statements to share with her team member and customers. Being a trainer can be hard, but it comes naturally to her. She is patient when training the new cashiers and makes sure they know the correct procedures. Sacha is a very reliable and responsible team member.“

– Wakeen Brown, General Manager

“Sacha is a pleasure to work with. She is always cheerful and pleasant to be around. Sacha is constantly making sure our customers are taken care of and will find a way to answer all their questions. Our customers have come to rely on her extensive knowledge of our products and location. While working with Sacha, I can tell she takes great pride in her work as a trainer for new cashiers through the way she teaches the new team members. Not only does she give them the tools for success, but she also instills her commitment and dedication to the newer hires. Our location, team, and customers are lucky to have her!”

– Gerald Johnson, Design Manager