First Team MVP: Reuben Cervantez


Load Builder - Shelby, MI Yard

April 27, 2023

“This is a guy who has shown pride in the work he does every day. He comes in with a great attitude every day. He takes time out of his day to teach or train fellow employees. He has the trust of our customers and p rovides ideas when we have shortages. He is one of those guys that would take off his shirt for you if needed.”

– Steve Gauthier, Outside Sales Rep

“Reuben is the first person to volunteer to step up and help in any area needed and has provided many great ideas that have been implemented at our location. He is a strong team player with 30 years in the lumber industry. Reuben recently joined the safety committee, showing us innovative ways to keep others safe. He comes to work smiling and laughing every day, but when the workload becomes heavy, he picks up the pace to finish the day off strong with a positive attitude. We are truly blessed to have him on our BFS team.”

– Tom Wolfe, Operations Manager

“Reuben is always asking if there is anything more, he can do, if we need help with anything outside of his normal duties, and he is never shy about volunteering for anything. He is always in a good mood and shares ideas on how to improve or asks if there is anything he can do to improve. Always has a greeting for everyone in the morning. Reuben was one of the first to volunteer for the safety committee. He is always willing to adjust to the changing needs of the industry and our customers. A very dependable and friendly team member.”

– Chris Amicone , Dispatching Manager