First Team MVP: Rae Lennon


Scheduler II Delivery, Coastal Carolina Truss

March 3, 2023

“MFG components are core to BFS strategy. Pre-pandemic, we lacked process for balancing customer needs equitably. During the late 2020s as order volumes dramatically rose beyond our capabilities, Rae led the efforts to formal processes that allowed us to serve more customer orders equitably and profitably while she was taking on the duties of scheduling three truss MFG operations & teaching the LBMC teams use of AppWrighteffectively. A tireless worker who carefully balances her work/life responsibilities but always willing to go the extra mile to support BFS successespecially our customers.”

– Mike Hunsaker, Area Sales Manager

“There is no question that Rae is a dedicated team member who has made an impact on the components side of our business. Scheduling for four different locations and trying to keep the Customers, Sales, Production, and the GMs of the locations she is scheduling for happy takes a special kind of person. She makes sure that we utilize our resources to the best of our ability to better service our customers by making sure we are producing and delivering our component packages from the facility that makes sense based on the jobsite location and capacity of the facility in a very fluid schedule. Rae does more than help sending for engineered seals, making sure the plants have the correct production files, helps those with AppWright. She also has played an intricate role in helping me keep the schedules up to date and on time for the locations I am responsible for along with the Loris facility. We are truly blessed to have someone like Rae on our team.”

– Chad Jordan, General Manager Apex/Middlesex Truss & Panel

“Rae is the absolute perfect person to be a scheduler. She is not only dedicated to making sure our company remains on top, but also committed to our customer’s success as well. Her ability to adjust and maintain the production schedules for over 90 salespeople is an incredible feat is reflected in her favorite quote… “I know, I’m amazing!”

– Rob Scull, Sales Representative