First Team MVP: Perla Jover


Inventory Control Analyst - Houston, TX Millwork

May 25, 2023

“The moment I met Perla, I instantly knew that she was going to stand out from the rest, and she has not disappointed me. She first started in the WHSE Traffic department and was eager to learn as much as she possibly could while helping wherever she was needed. She then began to show interest in learning what other departments did and studied their area and workflow. After some time, she decided to apply for our billing position and took all that she had learned and applied it to that department. While she was doing amazing in that position she did not settle there. She decided to take a leap of faith and applied for our ICS Supervisor position, which is where she is today. She has continuously shown great ambition in learning and developing new skills that have helped her grow not only in her career but also as a leader and mentor. She has taken her team to a new level and has shown what a great leader looks like. I am beyond proud of Perla and love how she is always up for a challenge and never settles especially when there is room to grow.”

– Sandra Esquivel, Operations Manager

“Perla began her career with BFS only three years ago with zero industry experience. Since then, she has received two promotions and currently leads our Inventory Control team. Her desire to learn, grow and help others is truly first-class. Perla has a great respect and admiration, especially for her fellow BFS women who continue to mentor her. She has such a contagious positive attitude and respect for her fellow team members. Perla not only makes us better, but she makes us smile.”

– Jason Schoen, General Manager

“The first time speaking with Perla it did not take more than a few minutes to see the drive, initiative, leadership, and wonderful personality that she has. Since day one, Perla continues now an excellent leader and team member who continues to help the team be better. Perla is always there to help the entire team no matter the task and always gives 100%, we are all extremely lucky to have her on our Team.”

– Keith O'Donnell, Assistant General Manager