First Team MVP: Maria Mendoza


Sawyer II Truss Shop - North East MD Truss, Northeast Region

April 6, 2022

"Maria is a safety-oriented team member and has informed me of potentially unsafe conditions in the workplace. She is a dedicated team member who takes great pride in her work, and she never hesitates to help others. She is an inspiration to her coworkers!"

– Andy Stadelman, Production Manager

"Maria is an example of how one person can make a positive difference in the workplace. She always creates a safe and productive work environment. While the job is not always easy, she makes it look effortless. Maria is a team player and her generous nature and commitment to her colleagues have not gone unnoticed!"

– Justin White, General Manager

"Maria has been working as a sawyer at the TCT saw in the Truss department since July 2020. She is dedicated to completing every task safely and accurately. Maria is a hard­working employee, both individually and as a team member. She is a coworker that is very loved by others for her way of being kind, humble, respectful, positive and, without a doubt, always willing to help her colleagues."

– Rochelle Sanchez, Safety Coordinator