First Team MVP: Marcos Gutierrez


OCM Training & SOP Lead HQ Strategy


July 13, 2023


“Marcos is consistently creating a better environment for BFS and the people around him. He has proven himself to be a self-starter since he started as an intern while retiring from the Army, constantly reaching out to people to learn what they do and how they integrate into the company. Marcos has taken that knowledge to the next level by finding ways to drive productivity, often by connecting people from across the organization and leading them to new and novel solutions. He has an unwavering commitment to improving the lives of our associates by making their jobs safer, easier, and more productive. His first question for every action is 'how will it make things better for the field?”

– Jeff Fortner, Director, Organizational Change Management


“Plain and simple, Marcos helps things run smoother. We teamed up with Marcos as we first started implementing ENGAGE across BFS. He would listen and observe. Then in our debriefing sessions, Marcos would provide great insight and perspective that helped us stay focused on the individual.”

– Jordan Williams, Vice President, Multi-family Millwork & ENGAGE


“Marcos has made a big impact in a short period of time here at BFS. He's a remarkable team member with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Caring, committed, invaluable - these are the words that come to mind when I think of Marcos. Thank you, Marcos, for always making us better!”

– Cheryl Early, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition