First Team MVP: Leeann Jacobs


Senior Financial Systems Analyst - HQ Finance

December 20, 2023

“For 30 years, LeeAnn has served as the backbone of our financial reporting capabilities. With the large volume of new systems and the continued need of existing systems, LeeAnn is in a constant state of change management. All of that change lands in her lap, and she finds resourceful ways to make data flow to the right place and most importantly, ensures the data is accurate. Some might look at it and say, 'Hey, that's her job.' What is not obvious is the level of effort to make it all work. She is notorious for being 'the one who makes the coffee in the morning, but also the one who turns the lights off at night.”

– Jeff Allen, Vice President Finance

“LeeAnn is a highly trusted and extremely dedicated team member who demonstrates her attention to detail and unwavering support for her customers (BFS) every day. LeeAnn has been critical to the financial reporting and planning processes over multiple decades through mastering the tools we use, understanding the process flows and data connections, and ensuring our controls are fully supported. This provides all of us with extreme confidence in the information we use to inform decisions and help our leaders run the Company. I am so proud and blessed to have LeeAnn on our team.”

– Pete Beckmann, Senior Vice President Financial Planning & Analysis

“LeeAnn has always been a dedicated team player during her nearly three decades with BFS. She is a go-to resource to ensure things get done right the first time and always does it with a smile and a laugh.”

– Luke Gallagher, Vice President Finance