First Team MVP: Leanne Enck


IT Training & Knowledge Base Administrator - Dallas, TX

March 16, 2023

“Leanne makes possible all the user facing changes we are making within IT. Leanne creates and updates FAQs, knowledge documents, training videos, and much more, all with excitement and joy that everyone loves. I hear at least once a week, "Leanne is so fantastic," "she is so good," "we are so lucky to have Leanne." What she brings to BFS is special. Our internal IT team and our team members who need IT support are better because of her.”

– Emily Feathers, Director of IT User Services

“We tasked Leanne with helping the IT team learn more about the tools we use daily. She came up withIT Tips and Tricks, a monthly video that gives IT some pointers to help their day-to-day work. Her heart is truly focused on helping others to be the best they can be. Leanne has joined multiple IT projects this year as a knowledge liaison. Just recently, she took on our Auto Pilot project. She quickly learned the material and came up withhelpful training material. She has a gift for bringing people knowledge in a fun and interesting way. Leanne takes on difficult tasks without complaint and takes pride her work.”

– Liz Robinson, IT Service Operations Manager

“Leanne is so enthusiastic about teaching and building content. It shows in the videos and other content she produces. Leanne has been an integral part of the Service Desk and a driving force behind our knowledge base and training programs. She has a fun-loving personality and always brightens up a room or conference call.”

– Jeremy Howard, Senior Manager - IT Service Delivery