First Team MVP: Kelli Lindstrom


Manager Pricing Analytics HQ Sales Excellence - Corporate Region

September 27, 2023

“Kelli uses her knowledge of operations and technical expertise to create solutions for people at the locations. When problems arise that most people would say, 'I don't know how to fix this.' Kelli jumps in and does what others think is impossible. She is willing to help everyone. Kelli is the go-to person for many in field operations. She is called 'amazing' and 'a lifesaver.”

– Dean Kready, Manager Pricing Analytics

“Kelli sets the standard for what it means to support Sales/Operations. She takes time to understand each market's needs and crafts solutions to solve problems. Kelli always carries a can-do attitude, and her commitment and tireless efforts continue to shape BFS' pricing culture.”

– Ryan Williams, Senior Director Pricing

“During the Oklahoma ERP conversion Kelli was our hero and saving grace. Kelli has been my go-to for all things pricing and any other random Online question I have reached a dead end on. She makes our market GM dollars and reduces stress. Kelli you are an integral part of our Oklahoma family.”

– John Andres, Area Manager