First Team MVP: Jason Girard


Load Builder II - Mansfield, MA Yard

November 15, 2023

“While performing his regular duties loading trucks, pulling lumber frames, and assisting customers, Jason puts extra efforts on teamwork, team member engagement, and training. On any given day, Jason steps out of his comfort zone, helping new team members with tips on how to pull loads more efficiently, taking the time to pick up trash, and empty dumpsters without being told to do so. Jason's attendance record is flawless, and he sets the example for the yard for dedication and dependability.”

– Paul Osborne, Mansfield Yard Manager

“Jason Girard is one of our most highly regarded team members. He always shows a willingness to accomplish any task requested of him. The quality of his work is excellent, and constantly completed in a timely manner. Jason shows genuine care for the company and his peers.”

– Michael D'Agostino, Shipping and Production Manager

“Jason comes to work every day and goes about his Job. He will always help customers when they come into our yard, especially when they are looking a little confused, making them feel comfortable and welcome. He is just as willing to help any team member without having to be asked. We are lucky to have him on our team.”

– Wendie George, Office Administrator