First Team MVP: Ira Banks


Supervisor Yard Operations - Duluth GA, DC Gulf South Region

October 20, 2022

“Ira has been with the company for over 20 years and has worked his way from a driver helper up to shipping manager. Ira's team members highly respect him as a leader because they know he always has their back and is never afraid to get out and do the work himself. He has a direct and honest approach, and when handed a task, he attacks it immediately until it is 100% complete. As his supervisor, I never have to worry about his team. I have learned a great deal of how to manage well from Ira and look forward to working with him every day.”

– Jon Woodall, Assistant General Manager

“Ira has been a huge part of the continuing success of the team in Duluth, as well as for the Atlanta Market, as he understands customer service and the needs of the business. He is willing to go out of his way to accomplish what is needed for the customer. As a leader for our team, he can be handed tasks and knows how to prioritize them to effectively accomplish our goals. He is straightforward in his communications, so you know exactly what will happen; lastly, he is fun to have around and always has a positive attitude even when times are tough. Thank you, Ira for everything you do!“

– Andrew Barnes, General Manager

“The 1st time I ever met Ira, I was very impressed. We had just combined BMC and Stock Building Supply, and I needed to start shipping material out of the Duluth location because the Tucker location stopped shipping Millwork. From the very 1st day, Ira was so helpful with the transition. He has always answered my calls and emails. One of Ira’s best attributes is his ability to solve problems. If he notices something that doesn’t look right on my orders, he calls and asks questions. If I call Ira and ask for help taking care of a customer, he always seems to come up witha solution to make the customer happy. The thing that I enjoy the most about working with Ira is his positive attitude. Ira makes working with him fun!”

– Tony McBee, Outside Sales Representative