First Team MVP: Frank Gloria


Fleet Reporting & Compliance Manager - Southern CA, Production Admin Pacific Region


October 5, 2022


“Frank has been with the company for 45 years. His knowledge of everything mechanical is unrivaled. His dedication to the company, our team members, and our customers is obvious in his daily routine! Frank embodies the motto 'whatever it takes'. He will work countless hours/days that are needed to get the job done. Frank oversees our entire fleet, forklifts, and machinery at 10 of our locations plus a production yard. He keeps them running flawlessly with as little downtime as possible. And he does it all with a great attitude. Frank has earned the respect of everyone in the company!”

– John Mayhew, Area Operations Manager


“Frank has done an awesome job throughout his tenure with our company! As a problem solver, Frank has been able to create 'Magic' with our fleet, keeping all equipment operational along with maintaining high maintenance standards. Frank also manages all the market's saws and milling equipment across San Diego. With his vast knowledge in our industry, he has helped us outperform our competition for many years.“

– Lee Clark, General Manager


“I have worked with Frank Gloria for the past 33 years. A lot of things have changed, but one thing that has been constant, is Frank. He has always been our go-to guy for anything truck, forklift or saw related. He consistently keeps a level head no matter how many people/locations he is helping at one time. Thank you, Frank.”

– John Vattuone, General Manager