First Team MVP: David Garman


Dispatcher I Delivery - Charleston, SC - Yard South Atlantic Region

August 24, 2022

“David is a natural at leading his team by setting the standard in excellence. He sets a high bar for the operations team in the core areas of our business in several ways. His great sense of urgency to serve our customers, a constantly focusing on the needs of our business, and practicing safety daily. David accomplishes his goals all while completing his daily duties with a positive get-it-done attitude. David is a hands-on leader that eagerly jumps into his teams work effort in the yard, warehouse, dispatching, manufacturing, and hot shot deliveries. David's service to others makes him an MVP. This attitude started early in his life as he served in the Air Force. We are thankful for him.”

– Bryan Wright, Operations Manager

“David is a great multi-tasker and will pitch in on any job. He is a big part of our daily success in getting out our deliveries and meeting the customer’s needs. David helps in all areas that need assistance and he keeps a good attitude with the team even on the busiest days. It is good to work with David because of his positive approach to what we need to accomplish.“

– Sammy Floyd, CDL Driver

“In my opinion, Dispatch is the hottest seat in our industry. You get it from all angles, from sales to management, drivers, customers, and direct reports. David has always stayed composed and level-headed and that’s the exact mentality you need to have if you are in that role. David’s dedication to our company and will-do attitude is very admirable and inspiring. Selfishly, I am lucky to have him on my team, but more importantly, our company is lucky to have him as well. David set’s the standards for the type of people we want to build our company around. On top of all his hard work, he is a dedicated father, husband, and proud veteran.”

– Matt Mullins, General Manager