First Team MVP: Chris Lively


Manager Production Indirect Millwork - Oklahoma City, OK - Millwork South Central Region

November 30, 2022

“Chris continuously impresses our entire staff and customer base here in OKC. He works all day in the door shop grinding so that we stay on schedule. We are shorthanded in this department and no matter the circumstances Chris pulls through every single day. I know he is always swamped, but whenever I have an issue, he is there right away, and always answers with a smile. Chris communicates better than anyone and is extremely proactive with all issues, backorders, personal, etc. He has set the bar higher than anyone with his proactiveness, professionalism, and customer-oriented attitude. Furthermore, I have worked for two different companies and watched two different door shops operate. Chris dominates his position and our competition daily. Chris is beyond deserving of recognition and far exceeds what's expected of his job every day. I am proud to have him on my team and value his efforts and relationship highly.”

– Michael Sears, Outside Sales Rep

“Chris has been nothing but steady and proficient when it comes to his job and his expectations for his coworkers. Chris has a military background and utilizes those skills to get the best performance out of his team. We have been going through employee transitions in the door shop and Chris with his leadership skills came in early and stayed late to make sure we could stay on top of servicing the customer to the best of our abilities. I have worked with Chris for about 10 years and can't begin to tell you the importance Chris brings to our BFS team here in Oklahoma City.“

– Quentin Williams, Assistant General Manager