First Team MVP: Chris Franciose


Inventory Control Manager - Arizona Area Admin

June 22, 2023

“Chris is an outstanding team member for the Arizona Market. He works with all the locations across the state to help improve inventory control, understand processes, and help with any issues that could arise. He mentors the inventory leads at each location. He always has a smile and a great attitude when helping his team members. He will drop everything, jump in and help at a moment's notice.”

– Jan Bailey, Area Business Manger

“Chris Franciose has been such a great attribute to our acquisition. He has helped tremendously with our Millwork Branch, assisting with Invoicing, IT, and with ERP. He is there for the rescue anytime we need extra help. He is a real MVP in our book at Alliance Millwork.”

– Barb Lindon, General Manager

“Chris's exceptional attitude, work ethic, and willingness to collaborate make him an invaluable asset to our team. His helpful nature, combined with his knowledge of the Bistrack ERP system, has made him a go-to resource for me and many other colleagues. Whenever I reach out to Chris, I usually find him at one of our Arizona locations, lending a hand. Whether he's assisting with inventory processes, IT issues, or tackling any other challenges, he is always willing to do whatever he can for the team!”

– Kelly Rogers, Regional Inventory Analyst