First Team MVP: Chantell Gilmore


Inside Sales Representative - Rosenberg, TX

March 30, 2023

“Chantell’s main job title is Inside Sales Representative, but she has many more job titles under her belt. She is always willing to help even at times when it seems like she is being overstretched. She works fast and efficiently, and she always can find time to talk and greet everyone she encounters. Chantell is a part of our safety committee and consistently makes sure to do her part on keeping us accident free. There have been multiple occasions were if she sees something that maybe a safety hazard, she makes sure to speak up about it and get the issue corrected.”

– Katherine Morales, Office Administrator

“Chantell is an amazing team member, and we are very lucky to have her on our team. She’s very dedicated to making sure her customers are taken care of and does a great job communicating with them. Chantell has a great relationship with the rest of her team and is always willing to help whenever there is a need. She’s consistently coming into work with a great attitude a big smile. Even when things get a little rough, she works through it and tries to make the best of any bad situations. I can depend on Chantell to be at work every day, and I know she’s going to get the job done. Chantell is very knowledgeable in many areas so she can definitely berelied on when needed. We greatly appreciate having Chantell as part of our team and appreciate all the work she puts in daily.”

– Marcus Ramirez, General Manager

“Chantell has always been an outstanding member of our team. I have always been impressed by her professionalism and admirable personal qualities. She consistently performs her duties with competence and often goes the extra mile, doing more than what is expected from her. Her excellent performance is an inspiration to all.”

– Laura Gonzalez Hernandez, Office Administrator