First Team MVP: Carson Duncan


Inside Sales Representative I - Spokane, WA Yard

October 25, 2023

“After I go home each day, Carson is the acting yard Supervisor. Not only is he fantastic at his job, but he has no problem stepping up and filling in where/when we are shorthanded. He does a great job keeping track of everyone in the yard to ensure our customer service and daily load building continue to run smoothly. Sometimes when the main truck loader goes home, he steps up and load a few trucks in the afternoon. We also receive and deliver cabinet orders and he does a wonderful job helping receive and load them on the outgoing trucks. Carson is a wonderful asset to our team, and we would be hurting without him.”

– Coy Ladwig, Yard Foreman

“Carson is the example of a team player. He is always willing to step up and help out wherever he is needed. He is willing to put in the hours and does so with a great attitude. He helps to teach new team members in everything and does so with a smile.”

– Jen Peterson, Assistant General Manager

“Carson is dedicated to taking care of customers and learning more about the business. He is a take charge, full speed ahead team player. Always smiling laughing and being productive.”

– Tim Borg, General Manager