First Team MVP: Brent Goodwin


Inventory Control Specialist - Raleigh, NC - Yard & MW, Mid-Atlantic Region

December 8, 2022

“Our supply chain challenges really manifested in our Central millwork operation since late Q3 early Q4 21 & continue today, key millwork product shortages, too little space, or cartage to hold window orders with long lead times, Customer Back Orders, etc. Major $12M demo & reconstruction project at facility. Brent has worked extremely hard and creatively out of his normal duties to help augment our supplies and get customers served, including our own door MFG, during what continues to be perhaps the most challenging time in our industry. In addition, Brent has been key help in sharing inventories between locations and operating systems to serve our overall business. This facility touches nearly 100% of our customers.”

– Mike Hunsaker, Area Sales Manager

“Brent is one of the best multitaskers I have ever witnessed. I have seen him manage intercompany transfers across multiple locations between two different ERP systems, address railcars delivered to wrong location, process cycle counts, and manage LTL delivers in a single day. This is all during unprecedented supply chain challenges and during a major renovation. We recently removed hundred thousand square feet of warehouse in preparation for new warehouse. Brent is a great asset to BFS and his teammates. Proud to have him on my team!”

– Brian Johnson, General Manager

“Whether it's managing our stock inventory, tracking down misplaced special-order items or prepping for physical inventory, you can count on Brent to get it done and get it done right.”

– Jeff Crist, Assistant Manager