First Team MVP: Becky Kendall


Inventory Control Specialist - East Helena, MT Yard Mountain Region

November 9, 2022

“Becky always gives 100%. Even though she's a sales specialist, she is in the yard helping customers load/assisting with information. When a coworker is out for the day, she is always the person to fill in. Becky has worked in dispatch, has helped the salesmen & management, and conducts the hiring process. She is always the first one through the door and the last one out. You will find her at work on the weekends quite often. She does all the ordering of supplies for our location and other locations as well. No matter what she is doing she is always thinking of a better way something could be done, and she never risks the safety of herself or others. There hasn't been a single position within our location where she has not worked at some point or time. She always goes above and beyond and is willing to help with any situation. She knows how everything we sell works and the correct way to use it. All of our contractors go to her with every question because they know she will help them get the job done right. In my own opinion, Becky Kendall is who we all should strive to be like. She works hard every day of the week. She helps whoever/wherever she can. She always has on the proper PPE and she will hold herself just as accountable as she would you. In the 5 years she has been here she is one of the main blocks that hold us together.”

– Rodney Roberts, Assembler Lead

“The Helena location is truly fortunate to have Becky here. She has an unparalleled work ethic, no task is too large or small, regardless of her official job title. She’s always ready to assist all customers and coworkers alike. She always has a ready smile and a desire to help wherever she’s needed. In her opinion her job is to do whatever needs doing from shoveling snow, stepping in for dispatch, unloading vendors, helping customers, finding a product for our shelves from the best sources to help the location be as profitable as possible, stocking shelves, working at the front counter when short-handed, fulfilling the ever-growing demand for tool repair and the list can go on and on. Becky has been more instrumental than most during our yard conversion from Online to Trend and the almost insurmountable task of getting all of those SKUs moved over and set up. Oh, and making room for all of the added product, setting up and loading the shelves, bin locating, cycle counting. If ever I have an ask, Becky will always be ready to tackle whatever it is I throw at her. We are truly blessed.“

– Robert Sorheim, General Manager

“If you need anything or have a question about a product, Becky is THE person to go to. Her knowledge of tools, nails, and every other item we have inside and out is amazing. Becky always has your back; she is one of the core people here that you can count on. She will go out of her way to make sure customers and co-workers alike are taken care of. Becky overcomes challenges with a smile and is a strong member of our team! I appreciate her more than anything!”

– Jamie Karch, Inside Sales Rep