First Team MVP: Barbara Combs


Office Administrator Manager - North Florida

September 7, 2023

“Barbara has been a dedicated team member of BFS for 37 years! Barbara puts our team members and customers first in all that she does. She will routinely assist team members within and outside the market. She is compassionate, caring, and genuinely cares about BFS. Barbara consistently takes the time to meet with anyone that walks into her office. Barbara exemplifies all that BFS looks for in a team member.”

– Dennis Candelora, Area Manager - North Florida

“I've known Barbara for over 20 years. I have seen Barbara go above and beyond to help solve situations with team members. If Barbara can't solve a problem, she makes a phone call and will make sure she gets the situation handled. She has been my lunch buddy for over 15 years and most days we just sit there and laugh. Congratulations, lunch buddy!”

– Wilbur Sweet, Operations Manager

“Along with Barbara's undeniable resourcefulness, she is a team player who is generous in sharing her institutional knowledge to ensure a smooth and efficient operation. She takes a solution­oriented approach and views challenges as opportunities to find solutions that make things better.”

– Gary Stinchcomb, Assistant General Manager