First Team MVP: Anna Tinsman


Retail Supervisor - Aspen, Colorado Yard

September 14, 2023

“Anna is our Retail Supervisor. She is responsible for oversight of four Associates and Purchasing for the store. We have been extremely short­staffed for the last six months. Fortunately for us, we have Anna on our team. She is always willing to step in and assist at the register, receiving, AP, or anywhere else she sees the need. She typically works 10-20 hours over every week to make sure our customers are happy.”

– Doug Williams, Market Manager

“Anna has been in the Lumber retail business for 31 years, all at the same Aspen location. In those 31 years she has been a Cashier, Receiving Clerk, Outside and Inside Sales, Inventory Clerk and Accounting Clerk and front counter manager. She is the single most dedicated and hard-working team member that has ever worked at the Aspen Yard and store. Anna has spent many long days, evenings, and weekends to keep the store operational. Anna is the perfect hard working dedicated team member that any business longs for. Proud to say she is truly an MVP!”

– Denise Skinner, Operations Manager

“Anna is the most dedicated individuals I've ever had the privilege of working with. She puts in whatever time and effort is required to assure the job gets done. Anna has held most positions at the location level over the years and is invaluable for institutional knowledge and problem solving. One of Anna's greatest attributes is that, once I know she's on a task, I can cross it off the list and move on.”

– Matt Smith, Assistant General Manager