Builders FirstSource is proud to include so many people from different backgrounds among our team members across the country. We recognize the importance and necessity of having a diverse organization from top to bottom, and we are continuously striving to create as welcoming and comfortable a space as possible for employees, customers and partners.

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“Putting people first means that we work to create an environment where everyone feels respected, valued and heard. Our differences – in background, in perspective and in experience – are what make us better. We aren’t satisfied with the status quo. To strive for excellence, we need to be open to change and learning from each other.”

Dave Flitman
President & CEO, Builders FirstSource


We are proud of who we are and the direction we're heading. Our latest diversity and inclusion survey results showed the majority of our team members feel:

  • Welcome, safe and included
  • They are treated fairly and have the opportunity to reach full potential
  • We are committed to building a diverse, fair and inclusive workplace
  • Professionally, emotionally and socially supported and are comfortable sharing experiences and opinions
  • Valued as a team member

We also recognize that Builders FirstSource can always be better. We've identified four key priorities through the survey that will guide us to building a stronger company:

  1. Enhance awareness and provide training for diversity and inclusion
  2. Direct recruiters to focus on enhancing diversity and providing equitable opportunities for development
  3. Improve communication efforts by enabling more regular connection with our teams and providing more feedback
  4. Foster a culture of respect and empowerment while improving recognition, benefits and compensation
  • 49% - White 
  • 29% - Hispanic or Latino
  • 11% - Decline to Answer / No Answer
  • 8% - Black or African American 
  • 1% - American Indian or Alaska Native 
  • 1% - Asian 
  • 1% - Two or More Races 
of employees identify as a person of color
of new hires in 2022 are from under-represented minority groups
of employees identify as women
Women of Builders FirstSource
All women at Builders FirstSource are invited to join this group to help network, develop and support other women.
Proud to Serve
Team members who serve or have served in the military can join this group to connect with fellow veterans navigating their careers.